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Before You Purchase - Important Things To Know

Before You Purchase - Important Things To Know

Thinking of getting some colored lenses? Our lenses cannot wait to meet you too. Make sure you get the following taken care of before you hit that checkout button.


1. Get an eye examination. 

We recommend that you get an eye examination from an eye care specialist. If you are not sure if you want an eye exam, the answer is always yes! This will ensure your eyes are healthy and suitable for contact lens use.


2. Understand how colored contact lenses work.

It is important to understand how colored contact lenses work before you decide if they are for you. Make sure you are aware of the pros and cons and the things they can do for you before you make a purchase. You can visit our Care Page and FAQ for the most common inquiries.


3. Get a contact lens prescription if your country’s law mandates prescription for contact lens purchase. 
Contact lenses are regulated differently in different countries. As we have customers from all over the world, we do not ask for your prescriptions. However, if your country mandates prescription for contact lens, please obtain a valid prescription. There is a small chance of your country's customs office asking you to present a prescription before they release your order to you.
Below is a table that shows prescription requirements in different countries. This information acts as a guidance only as regulations change all the time. Always check with your country’s health authorities for the most updated news.
Country Prescription Requirement
Non-Prescription Lenses Prescription Lenses
Austria No prescription needed
Belgium No prescription needed
Czech Republic No prescription needed
Denmark No prescription needed
Finland No prescription needed
France  No prescription needed
Germany No prescription needed
Italy No prescription needed
Ireland No prescription needed
Kuwait No prescription needed No prescription needed
Luxembourg No prescription needed
Netherlands No prescription needed
Poland No prescription needed
Portugal No prescription needed
Spain No prescription needed
Sweden No prescription needed
Switzerland No prescription needed
UAE No prescription needed No prescription needed
UK No prescription needed

If you country is not listed in the table above, please check with your country's health authority.

If you're based in the USA, you can check here for the prescription verification information.

4. Contact lens is a personal care item. To protect the health and safety of all our customers, we have a strict exchange and return policy. Please check our Exchange and Return Policy to understand what we can or cannot accept for exchange and return.